June 15, 2021

Buenafuente leaves ‘Late Motiv’ in the middle of the program for a good cause: “I know when I spare”

Raúl Pérez, Juan Salazar and Andreu Buenafuente in & # 039; Late motiv & # 039 ;.

Raúl Pérez, Juan Salazar and Andreu Buenafuente in ‘Late Motiv’.

‘Late Motiv’ lived this Wednesday an unprecedented moment in its more than 5 years of history at Movistar +. Andreu Buenafuente He left the driving of the # 0 format in the middle of the program to give up his position to Raúl Pérez for a good cause, since he appeared on the set characterized by Juan Salazar de Los Chunguitos, who was also present as a guest: “This has never happened on the program.”

I know when I spare, people want to see you“, said the comedian in clear reference to the comedian and singer before he made him a proposal that they could not reject, generating his departure from the Movistar + studio:”Do you think you interview yourself? “

Among some of the things they talked about, before Andreu Buenafuente returned to the set, the singer spoke with his imitator, for example, about his experience with covid-19, in addition to revealing that He voluntarily called the show to offer himself as a guest the next time they did a skit about him, something that was finally fulfilled.


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