July 15, 2020

Budó affirms that “the list of JxCat will not run in any case” and that Torra keeps the seat

“We reaffirm more than ever that Quim Torra is a deputy and president of the Generalitat,” he said in an interview with ‘Rac 1’ collected by Europa Press, and recalled the extraordinary plenary vote on Saturday, January 4, in which the Most deputies ratified him in office.

Regarding the decision of the Central Electoral Board (JEC) to withdraw the deputy minutes from Torra, it has insisted that the body “has no powers to remove the status of deputy” to any member of the Parliament, and has argued that they are not disobeying because they do not recognize the powers of the JEC.

He recalled that the agreement of the Supreme Court (TS) dismisses the precautionary measures, but that they can still request precautionary measures when the Chamber listens to the parties, and whether Torra will act as a deputy in the next plenary session of the Parliament, said: “No only I can put my hand in the fire, but yesterday the president of the Parliament also guaranteed his political rights. “

On the statements of the lawyer Oriol Junqueras, Andreu Van den Eynde, in which he has ruled out that the ERC leader goes to the European Chamber on Monday, he recalled that Torra asked the Government to be diligent if there was any possibility that he would do so, and has He added that any action should agree with the defense of Junqueras: “They have already stated that they have another strategy. As Govern we must respect the defense strategy.”

He also explained that the Government does not plan to call elections soon and that they are working on new budgets, which they plan to approve at the end of January to take them to the Parliament for processing, so they estimate that they will take effect in April, approximately.


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