November 30, 2020

Budó admits that the Government is in disarray but asks to have the plan of the Govern

The Minister of the Presidency and spokesperson for the Govern, Meritxell Budó, recognized on Tuesday that the central government is the one who decides and who has the powers to decree the lack of confinement, but has asked that the plan that the Government will draw up based on the report commissioned to researcher Oriol Mitjà.

He said this at a telematic press conference after the Consell Executiu meeting after announcing the Govern’s plan and when asked why the plan will prevail if the Government and the Generalitat present different proposals.

Budó has regretted that with the state of alarm the powers on this matter are held by the Executive of Pedro Sánchez, although he has insisted on requesting that these powers be returned to the autonomous communities.

“We believe that at this stage of lack of confidence what is needed is that the powers be returned to the territories so that we can manage it in the best way,” he defended.

According to her, it is the responsibility of the Govern to present all the proposals that are necessary to face this stage and she has demanded that the Government apply a differentiated lack of confidence by territory: “We do not fall into the same mistakes and allow the lack of precision to be territorialized so that can be more effective. “

The Government spokeswoman stressed that Sánchez has already raised the possibility that the lack of confinement is asymmetric depending on each territory, which Budó interprets to mean that the Government will take into account the plan of the Generalitat: “We understand that you will listen and have take into account the plans and strategies that are being worked on from within the territories themselves. “

Thus, he has reiterated that the Government is the one who knows the best how to misrepresent Catalonia, so he hopes that the Government will heed the plan that he proposes and has said that the will of the Executive of Quim Torra is to work in a coordinated manner: in no administration war. “


Budó explained that the report commissioned to Mitjà foresees that it be done in five gradual phases “following a methodology, some criteria and parameters endorsed by the EU”, and with two main measures: social distancing and identification of cases, contacts and their isolation .

This report also recommends that, until there is a general decontamination plan, the Govern activate a partial and controlled deconfinement plan for minors and the elderly “in segregated time phases”.

It also points out the need for possible future regrowth scenarios to be taken into account because it would imply new confinements, whether global or local, and for a study to be carried out with representation of all the territories and all the age groups to know how many positives of Covid-19 there is, and start a large-scale case identification.

Budó has affirmed that the Procicat will be the one who draws up the definitive unconfinement plan taking into account this report and the Government plans to approve it this week in an extraordinary Consell Executiu.

On whether measures such as an immune passport will be incorporated, the Government spokeswoman has assured that the report by Oriol Mitjà does not explain the need for this document, although it does analyze that other countries are studying it and that part of the population rejects it for ethical and social issues.

Despite this, the Government confirmed on Sunday after a press conference by the President of the Govern, Quim Torra, that the Decalogue of misconduct by the Mitjà team recommends “studying the use of the immunity passport” and even went so far as to make it explicit and valid. aspects to be collected.


The Minister of Health of the Generalitat, Alba Vergés, explained that the lack of confinement will be “an open plan, method,” which identifies which groups, which sites and how it is applied to control possible rebounds of the pandemic.

With respect to making the confinement of minors more flexible, Vergés has vindicated the Government’s ability to make decisions and joint planning between the Ministries of Health, Interior and Labor, Social Affairs and Families: “We always decide based on our competencies and the protection of childhood is our competition. “

“Children and adolescents are of special interest and protection. Our protection systems integrate the age range of zero to 18 years. They should explain to us why this differentiation”, he argued about the possibility of not including adolescents.


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