Budgets cut by 7.9% the endowment of a Sepe with inherited cracks




The State Public Employment Service (SEPE) you will have a smaller budget next year: 29,121 million euros compared to the 31,631,831 million it has during this year. A snip of 7.9%, cushioned by the 760 million euros of European funds that will be dedicated to active employment policies. This reduction is justified from the Executive by the drop in unemployment due to the economic recovery, along with the withdrawal of restrictions and normalization after the health crisis. All this, in a year, in which the organism has been in the eye of the hurricane.

The 98.1% of the budget (28,566 million euros) will be used to pay unemployment benefits and promote active employment policies. Only for the first will dedicate an amount of 22,457 million (2,568 million less), 10.2% less than last year due to the improvement in employment due to the recovery. With regard to active employment policies (orientation, training, ...), programs such as the fomento of job insertion and stability is it takes 3,640 million, the majority to finance the bonuses to hiring (1,798 million euros). Another important item is the one destined to Vocational training for employment which will see its endowment increased by 7.2% to 2,030 million euros. Also noteworthy are the 255 million euros earmarked for promoting access to employment for young people or 150 million for new territorial projects aimed at vulnerable groups (disabled, long-term unemployed).

This happens just a few months after the cyber attack suffered last March by the agency, which paralyzed its systems for several days and exposed its vulnerabilities (outdated servers, multiple ad hoc applications and patches, etc.). All this, through a virus of the type ransomware'called' Ryuk ', which hijacks data in exchange for a financial ransom prior to recovery. The agency has already awarded a contract to strengthen the security of its computer systems and digitize its operation, such as the one it won Fujitsu Technology Solutions for an amount of 402,025 euros for the recovery of the systems after the cyberattack. Precisely, the organism has consigned € 47 million this year destined the digitization of all administrative procedures and the updating of equipment. computer scientists.

Goodbye to the interim and union criticism

It has not been the only controversy that has surrounded the body in charge of managing unemployment benefits this year: the unions, especially CSIF, have been agreeing in criticism of the working conditions in which they have had to face the heavy burden of work as a direct consequence of the rise in the unemployed and the multiplication of ERTE by the Covid. In this regard, last June, the news broke that the SEPE would progressively get rid of the 1,500 temporary employees hired as a reinforcement due to the economic crisis derived from Covid. More recently, on September 28, CSIF, UGT and Workers' Commissions sent a joint letter to the Second Vice President and Minister of Labor Yolanda Diaz asking her for an "urgent meeting" to avoid the "collapse" of the organism.

In line with what was stated in previous months, the union representatives criticized the reduction in the workforce and the increase in the number of retirements «In the face of the uncertainty of the pension reform and the high average age »of SEPE officials. They also added to their criticisms that in the last decade, the body had lost 3,400 employees to which to add the departure of the 1,500 interim incorporated by Covid. Next year will have less budget allocation.

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