July 29, 2021

“Budgets are conditioned on the progress of the dialogue table”

The president of Esquerra Republicana, Oriol Junqueras, affirms that the support to the State Budgets “is conditioned to the advances in the dialogue table. We are going step by step” and believes that the PSOE only negotiates when circumstances demand it.

In an interview with the newspaper El País, Junqueras points out that ERC allowed the investiture of Pedro Sánchez “because the alternative, a government of PP and Vox, was much worse” and is convinced that “if we and the PSOE do things well, the extreme right will have little space. ”

“The governance of Spain at this time is quite strategic for ERC,” he says.

“We abstained as any European Democrat would have done. That said, the parties with which we have negotiated continue to show amazing doses of inhumanity: they know that we are innocent and keep silent,” he adds, in addition to denouncing that “the Catalan socialists have applauded the prison of innocents. “

He shows his willingness to dialogue with the PSOE because “we are going to sit down and see if it is possible to reach agreements” and clarifies that last April the PSOE “did not want to negotiate the Budgets. Sánchez chose to go to elections,” so ” attributing to ERC that responsibility is imprecise. “

The ERC leader says in the interview that the Supreme Court “is not right at all” and the lesson of all “procés” is “that we did it to be able to do it again”.

For the Republican leader “the goal was and is independence. And it will fall under its own weight: you just have to work to convince more people.”

It recognizes in any case that “any complex process must necessarily be multilateral. And in this case it requires Catalan, Spanish, European and international political institutions, private companies, and having sufficient support.”


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