Bud Bunny surprises singing 'Quédate' by Quevedo and Bizarrap

Bud Bunny surprises singing 'Quédate' by Quevedo and Bizarrap

The fans of the Puerto Rican artist ask him to participate in the remix of this well-known song

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badbunny, the most listened to artist on platforms such as Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music and Deezer, has uploaded a
short videoto his Tik-tok profile singing a part of
'Stay', the song of
Canarian singer Quevedo and the acquaintance Argentine producer Bizarrap.

This topic has meant
one before and one after in the professional careers of both, since it is the
first time that one of his songs spends so much time occupying the
first place in the charts of digital platforms listening like Spotify.

'Stay' has sounded so much this
summer that it is unlikely that someone does not know, even if it is humming, the
chorus of this song. On the radio, at festivals, on television contests, on social networks and now, played by Bud Bunny, who was asked by his fans to
participate in the remix.

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