May 27, 2020

Buch promises to guarantee the rights of all Catalans after sentencing

The Minister of Interior, Miquel Buch, said Wednesday that he will guarantee the rights of all Catalans after the sentence and that the Mossos d'Esquadra will be up to the scene of protests that may occur.

In response to two interpellations in the Catalan Parliament of PP and Citizens on security and rights, Buch has highlighted the right to demonstrate and defended that the Catalan chamber voted last week a resolution that opened the door to the expulsion of the Civil Guard.

"We will guarantee the rights of all Catalans," Buch has defended himself from the reproaches of Deputy Esperanza García (PPC) to the Department of the Interior for putting forward the right of demonstration regarding the right of free transit of all those who do not want or demonstrate or protest after the sentence of "procés" in Catalonia.

In that same sense, the deputy of Citizens Nacho Martín Blanco has shown his concern about the possibility that after the sentence there will be stoppages and concentrations that do not allow the Catalans to continue their life normally.

Both questions come hours after the president of the Generalitat has defended in full "the right" of "civil disobedience" in response to the sentence, whose publication is expected imminent.

Before the questions of the plans of the Department of Interior, Buch has responded assuring that the Mossos will be "at the height" of the circumstances, "as always".

Further, and given the criticisms of PPC and Cs in that regard, Buch has denied that there are "interferences" in the Catalan regional police or lack of willingness to coordinate with bodies such as the Civil Guard.

The Minister has accused both formations of "inventing false stories" and has ensured that what "bothers" them is that there is a body of Mossos in Catalonia, a "own police".

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