Wed. Dec 11th, 2019

Buch appears today before the TSJC for his alleged disobedience in the 1-O

The Minister of the Interior of the Generalitat, Miquel Buch, appears on Tuesday as investigated for alleged disobedience for the second time before the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC), and on this occasion must answer on yielded municipal facilities for 1-O when I was mayor of Premià de Mar (Barcelona).

The president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, and the rest of the members of the Govern will tuck Buch on his arrival at the Palau de Justícia, the building where the TSJC is located, and will accompany him at 9.30 am on a route from the confluence of the Lluís Companys walk with Pujades.

The Prosecutor's Office accuses Buch of prevarication and disobedience

Buch is quoted at 10 am in the wake of the case against him for a complaint by the Superior Prosecutor of Catalonia for allegedly prevarication and disobedience, for which he already declared in November for alleged serious disobedience next to the former mayor of Vilanova i la Geltrú (Barcelona) Neus Lloveras.

Precisely, the TSJC filed the case against Buch and Lloveras at the end of January – led by the ACM and the AMI, respectively – for their support of the 1-O, considering that they acted in the exercise "of non-institutional functions and eminently policies ", and the Prosecutor's Office appealed this decision.

Quim Torra and other members of his Govern will accompany Buch to the TSJC

Quim Torra and other members of his Govern will accompany Buch to the TSJC
(Quique García / EFE)

In its appeal, the Office of the Prosecutor pointed out that the TSJC had not ruled on the proceedings opened by the Prosecutor's Office of the Mataró-Arenys de Mar Area against Buch because, as mayor, it allegedly signed the Decree of September 7 of 2017 in support of 1-O and "it would have offered premises that could be used as voting centers during the day of the referendum."

In a car, the TSJC admitted that in the archiving order it had not made "any pronouncement on these last facts" nor did it practice any diligence for its verification. Therefore, the case was reopened "only and at this time" to rule on the cession of premises as mayor of Premià, and not as president of the ACM, the TSJC's ruling required.

Archive of the cause

The examining magistrate Jordi Seguí filed the case against Buch and Lloveras for his actions at the head of the ACM and the AMI, respectively, considering that the behavior referred to in the complaint by the Superior Prosecutor's Office of Catalonia, which filed a complaint disobedience, prevarication and embezzlement in September 2017, "did not involve the commission of any crime."

In his car, the magistrate considered that by sending an email to the members of the AMI and the ACM with posters encouraging them to vote for the 1-O and vote 'yes', they acted "in the exercise of non-institutional functions and eminently policies "since they did not do so as mayors.

Buch and Lloveras testified before the TSJC as investigated on November 6 and defended that they did not disobey the Constitutional Court and that they only made recommendations and never gave orders to the mayors, and the former mayor of Premià de Mar valued before the media: "We are convinced of what we did and not we committed no crime. "

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