April 14, 2021

Buch addresses with the dome of Mossos the crisis by charges of Girona and Terrassa

Buch addresses with the dome of Mossos the crisis by charges of Girona and Terrassa

The Interior Minister, Miquel Buch, meets today with the dome of the Mossos d'Esquadra to address the political crisis by the charges of the Catalan police last Thursday in Girona and Terrassa (Barcelona) against protesters who tried to boycott acts of Vox .

Buch has moved to the headquarters of the Mossos, in the Egara complex in Sabadell (Barcelona), to expose the Catalan police commissioners the content of his meeting yesterday with the president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, that the Last Friday he gave him an ultimatum so that in four days he would make changes in the department after the charges.

In a discreet meeting yesterday, Torra and Buch analyzed for more than two hours the open political crisis as a result of the charges and envisioned the images of the police actions in Girona and Terrassa, some of which the minister had previously stated that they might not be proportional nor own of a democratic police.

For the moment, the only thing that has transpired from this meeting, in the absence of knowing if there will be changes in the structure of the Interior or the Mossos, is that it was agreed to increase mediation before a mobilization to avoid, as far as possible, to arrive at the police intervention, according to have indicated to Efe sources of the surroundings of the president.

In addition, Torra and Buch agreed that the Mossos d'Esquadra review their actions always after each intervention to evaluate them and adopt the measures that are considered necessary if any incorrect action is appreciated.

In fact, Buch said last Friday that they would be "relentless" if it was proven that there had been some malpractice during the charges against people who tried to boycott two acts of Vox, which had been authorized by the Ministry of the Interior.

According to the sources, at the meeting between Torra and Buch it was also decided that the Generalitat will guarantee at all times the right to demonstrate any political option.

In this sense, the environment of Torra has called for not to fall into the "provocations" of the far right and to avoid confrontation, considering that it is a scenario that seeks to delegitimize the independence movement.

The sources of the Catalan president's environment are that there is a "sloppy and vile" operation designed by the "sewers" of the State to seek confrontation in Catalonia.

According to the sources, the independence movement has always been civic and peaceful, so the "hooded rioters" must be isolated, regardless of the political sign they may be.


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