Tue. Apr 7th, 2020

Buch accuses Sánchez of putting a “straitjacket” on the Generalitat

“I end again with the request that everyone continue with this confinement, that everyone who can do it, please stay at home.” The Generalitat may impose confinement in Catalonia to a certain extent to stop the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus, but a perimeter closure of Catalonia and the work activities that are outside essential services are beyond its powers. For this reason, the Minister of the Presidency, Meritxell Bud, has ended by requesting, and not challenging, the usual press conference that together with the ministers Miquel Buch and Alba Vergés has been held every day for more than a week. The Spanish Government, by virtue of the state of alarm, claimed the powers, something that the Government repudiated, to the point that today Buch has stated that the Generalitat has been put “a straitjacket” by recentralizing the powers the Government by Pedro Sánchez.

“We can not make decisions”, regretted the Minister of Interior. “If we unilaterally make any decision that does not comply with the royal decree, we would put people, workers and companies at risk,” added Buch, who reiterated that “this straitjacket, this recentralization, this subordination” it does not allow the Generalitat to make according to what decisions.

The Minister of the Interior has ruled out in any case the confinement municipality by municipality. He argued that the current situation and the data does not require it. Nor does he believe that progress is required at some point in this regard. But he has once again insisted on confining “the perimeter of Catalonia”, which would imply the closure of airports, ports and railways.

In any case, the Govern de Quim Torra believes that total confinement, which has been requesting Moncloa for two Fridays, will fall under its own weight. This has been suggested by Budó, who despite acknowledging that the Catalan Executive has not calculated the economic impact that a closure such as the one requested could have, has assured that the priority is to guarantee the health of citizens: “This Government, if it has Of course one thing is that, between lives and the economy, choose lives ”.

The also spokeswoman for the Govern Budó has demanded that the Government not wait as long as Italy to toughen the mediation of confinement, since she believes that the Italian Government has opted for this option “after a month of half-confinement”. Likewise, the minister has relied on the claim of total confinement made yesterday by the Murcia region. “We think Múrcia’s request is very good and in fact we believe that many autonomous communities will be asking for this total confinement,” he stressed, recalling that in order to carry it out, the authorization of the Sánchez Executive is necessary. Even so, Budó has expressed that this authorization “sooner or later will end up coming”.

Pending legal coverage, the Generalitat de Catalunya has specified that its request for total confinement implies that circulation be prohibited except for the supply, production and distribution of food, and the purchase of food and pharmaceutical products of primary necessity, of security and emergency services, civil protection, or public health, but also prison services, residences, funeral homes, public radio and television, electricity, drinking water, fuels, gas, telecommunications, and sanitary supplies and cleaning services related to these areas : “All the rest of the movements are asking that they not be allowed.”

Budó has acknowledged that the measure decreed yesterday by the Govern so that workers must maintain a separation distance of 1.5 meters is aimed at enforcing this closure of companies that are not classified as basic services.

It also includes permission to travel to work centers in security services, emergencies, civil protection, public health, health services, penitentiaries, residences, funeral homes, public radio and television, electricity, drinking water, fuels, gas, telecommunications and sanitary supplies, among others, and cleaning services linked to these areas: “All the rest of the movements are asking that they not be allowed.”

Budó has reiterated that the authorization of the central government to do this total confinement is essential so that there is the necessary “legal coverage” for companies and workers to interrupt their activity.

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