Brutally attacked by four people after trying to kiss a girl without her consent

The Civil Guard of Gran Canaria is investigating a 49-year-old man as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of sexual assault, by trying to kiss a woman through the use of force and against the will. On the other hand, the same is done with four other men, aged between 21 and 42, as alleged perpetrators of a less serious crime of attacking the person he tried to kiss by force, events that occurred in the south of the island.

The agents received a notice reporting that a male of foreign nationality was unconscious on the floor of a staircase for public use leading to an apartment complex in the town of Puerto Rico.

Given the poor condition in which the person was and the injuries he had, they requested an ambulance so that the man could be transferred to the Emergency Service of the Insular Hospital in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, where he was admitted.

That same morning, at the Civil Guard headquarters, an Irish tourist stated that when she was heading with her family to the hotel complex where they were staying, coming from the nightlife area, they crossed paths with two other tourists of the same nationality and that After exchanging a few words, one of them tried to kiss him by using force and against his will.

All of this led to a small confrontation between them, which was resolved when both groups separated, each one of them going in different directions but, minutes later, The two people returned to the place since they lived in the same complex and again the aggressor tried to kiss the complainant again.

The Civil Guard carried out a series of investigations and various procedures, such as the analysis of frames from security cameras installed in the area, and it was possible to verify how both groups of tourists crossed paths on public roads and that there was an altercation between them. They separated shortly. later, but, minutes after the woman's group and her relatives entered their apartments, the two Irish men with whom they had had the incident appeared again.

When the young woman's relatives realized the presence of these two people and that they intended to access the apartments, they did not know that they were spending the night in the same place, they went outside and began to violently attack the two men, especially one of them. who lost his balance after being pushed, receiving numerous punches and kicks in the head, which caused him to lose consciousness and injuries that required stitches that were treated during his hospital stay.