July 29, 2021

Brutal beating a referee of 24 years in Italy

Brutal beating a referee of 24 years in Italy

Episode of violence after an amateur soccer match in Rome. It happened in the San Basilio district at the end of confrontation between Virtus Olympia and Atletico Torrenova, a party of the «promozione» of Lazio (the Italian sixth division). Atlético Torrenova won the match 2-3. After the game, some people entered the dressing room area and, between two individuals, they hit the referee with a slap in the face, who fell to the ground and hit his head.

The referee, 24 years old, was taken to the district hospital. The local team, on Facebook, has condemned the facts and declares that it is a strange fact for the story: «The company is deeply sorry for the aggression perpetrated against the referee, an episode that has nothing to do with football. The precincts that demarcate the technical area, accessible only and only to the staff and referees, were ignored by these people who were not related to our club, and the company also makes it clear that, as was the case, before it was present the challenge, request the competent bodies for the presence of the law ».

The referee's mother appeared before the press and asked the leaders and politicians for measures: "After the attack, he remembers nothing. He lost the knowledge. I beg you, help us! My son wants to continue in this sport and I can not forbid him ». The attackers, who were two alleged ultras of the local team, they managed to flee after attacking the referee.


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