Brutal attack on a referee in Oviedo: "He was even speechless"

An international referee.

An international referee.

Pitiful scene in the football modest. A referee was attacked this afternoon in Oviedo in the First Regional match played at Díaz Vega between Guillén Lafuerza, the last classified, and Juvencia, second. Apparently, according to witnesses, a Guillén player hit the referee at the end of the game, when Juvencia was winning 1-0. The player hit him hard on the head and the match was called off. An ambulance went to the field and took the referee to HUCA. According to witnesses, it all happened with five minutes remaining in the game and the referee expelled two Guillén players for protesting. At that moment, a third local player faced him and gave him a side slap, in the ear area. "He knocked him down with the blow, which was tremendous. The players said that he was even speechless," explains a spectator.

The referee was lying on the ground for a few minutes, helped by the players themselves. Several Guillén players were embarrassed by the aggressor's attitude. The match was suspended and the footballer who attacked the referee left the field. Then came the Local police and two other pairs of agents, who identified the aggressor. Later the ambulance arrived, which took the referee to HUCA, who was conscious and calmer after the scare.


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