Brussels will ask the Government explanations about the budgets

Brussels will ask the Government explanations about the budgets

The Spanish government assures that the letter that will send in the next days Brussels to Spain after having examined the draft budgets for 2019 sent last Monday will only ask for "technical clarifications" and At no time will you collect a warning of non-compliance.

Sources of the Spanish Executive affirm to have the certainty that the letter that the European Commission will send to the Government of Pedro Sanchez will be directed in those terms.

"He will ask for technical clarifications, but it will not be a warning or a warning of non-compliance," the sources stressed.

In addition, they distinguished between that letter that Brussels will send soon to the countries to which it asks for clarifications of some specific aspect of its budget, which today they explain that will send to those who have sent some accounts of the State in which they have detected risk of breach of its commitments with the European Union.

In that sense insist on the "absolute" tranquility of the Government regarding the attitude of Brussels with its budgets and they emphasize that yesterday, in his meeting with Sanchez, the president of the Commission, Jean Claude Juncker, transferred a first "very positive" impression of the draft that Spain has sent.

Today, the Minister of Economy, Nadia Calviño, also said she was "very optimistic" about the position that Brussels adopts before the budget draft sent on Monday.

In addition, he said that "normal" is that the European Commission send a letter to the Government to urge him to send him the draft bill of the General State Budget for 2019, as well as any other measure that may be relevant.

Calviño said yesterday in the Senate that this letter will arrive in the coming days and alluded to the government could also send bills that were related to budgets, such as those related to the creation of new taxes.


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