August 7, 2020

Brussels will allocate 19 million to tackle challenges such as climate, housing and employment in five Spanish cities

The Community Executive will mobilize 92 million euros from the European Regional Development Fund to support innovative projects that contribute to respond to urban challenges such as air quality, adaptation to climate change, housing and the promotion of local jobs and this Wednesday announced other 22 selected projects, including the five Spanish ones, within the framework of the third edition of the 'Urban Innovative Actions' program.

Among the Spanish projects is one in Barcelona, ​​named 'GBG_AS2C', which will benefit from an aid of almost 4 million and whose objective is to help the city cope with increasingly high temperatures in summer, transforming ten pilot schools in climatic shelters, an innovative solution.

It will also allocate another 4 million euros for a project in Seville that pursues the bioclimatization of the Isla de la Cartuja and keep the Andalusian city at the head of urban adaptation to climate change.

Also, the community executive will support with almost 4.4 million the project 'GUARDIAN' to promote sustainable peri-urban agriculture in the Valencian city of Riba Roja de Turia and will allocate another 2.5 million to support the project 'Yes We Rent' in Mataró to address the problem of homelessness, encouraging homeowners to rent their homes below the market price in exchange for a guaranteed income and help their rehabilitation.

The other selected Spanish project will be developed in Cuenca to promote the creation of local employment based on the bioeconomy. The project, to which the Commission will allocate 3.9 million, intends to launch an urban forestry innovation center.


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