March 8, 2021

Brussels tightens energy efficiency regulation for external batteries

The new community regulation that regulates the design and distribution of external batteries in order to make them “more efficient” and achieve a “reduction of polluting emissions” comes into effect this Wednesday, the European Commission (EC) has announced.

The new regulation, as detailed by the Community Executive in a statement, is focused on a “wide range” of batteries for domestic use, such as that of laptops or electric toothbrushes, and aims to achieve a reduction of 4 terawatts / hour (Twh) a year in community electricity consumption.

“As a result, European consumers will be able to save on their household bills, helping the European Union (EU) in its emission reduction policies,” says the EC.

The new design of the batteries will also encourage manufacturers to develop products “more energy efficient, achieving the highest quality standards at the global level,” emphasizes the institution.

The EC estimates that this measure will stop emitting 1.4 million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere per year from 2030, when the regulations are fully adapted.

Today, European households have two billion external batteries, used in both household appliances and digital devices.

This regulation is part of a package of measures promoted by the EC that includes the implementation of ten models of ecological design of products and six energy regulations.


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