Brussels suspends tariffs and VAT on sanitary equipment imports for six months

The measure, in particular, applies, for example, to masks, Covid-19 test equipment, respirators and other medical equipment. It will take effect retroactively from January 30 and will last six months, although with the possibility of an extension.

The Community Executive has taken this decision after being requested to do so by all the Member States and the United Kingdom, and believes that it will facilitate "from a financial point of view obtaining the equipment that doctors, nurses and patients urgently need" at this time of health emergency. due to the coronavirus pandemic.

"In this emergency situation, it is essential that medical equipment and medical devices quickly reach the places where they are needed," said the Commissioner for the Economy, Paolo Gentiloni.

"Today's move should help them receive the equipment they need to protect themselves and continue to save lives," he added, after showing his "deep respect and gratitude" towards healthcare workers across Europe.


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