Brussels sends a letter to Spain in which it asks for clarification of the Recovery Plan



The European Commission has sent a letter to Spain requesting clarification on the reform and investment plan sent to the community authorities on April 30 and with which ithe Government wants to absorb the 140,000 million assigned to the Recovery Plan.

A spokeswoman for the Community Executive has specified to Europa Press that these are "completely normal exchanges" within the evaluation period of the national recovery plans of the Member States, with which she is in "constant contact" during these weeks. Sources from the Ministry of Economy admitted receiving the letter, but assured that the European Commission seeks to clarify "technical issues" and that it does not enter into the "background" or the "substance" of the recovery plan.

No concrete reforms

For his part, the head of the Citizens' delegation in the European Parliament, Luis Garicano, warned that the Recovery Plan delivered by the Spanish Government has great weaknesses because it is not a country plan with political consensus and precise objectives, and avoids specify key reforms: education, labor, tax, pensions, administration and market unity.

At a press conference in Brussels, Garicano reviewed the details of a plan that includes green and digital investments, in line with the priorities of the European Union, and good intentions in many areas, he has said, but without concreteness, with improvisation and probe balloons.

Luis Garicano is part of the working group of the European Parliament to review the plans of the States, made up of 25 MEPs. Along these lines, Garicano highlighted that the great structural problems of Spain do not find concrete reforms with dates in this Plan, so that the risk of default is high.

Along these lines, Garicano called on the Government to worry about dedicating these funds to transform the country now before thinking about the year 2050, in reference to the plan that Moncloa is going to present today. "If we manage to carry out the reforms that we have to carry out in these three years, in 2050 the country will be much better," he said.

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