Brussels proposes limiting the benefits of electricity companies to help families and companies in the face of the energy crisis

Limits on benefits, aid for families and businesses and reducing electricity consumption during peak hours. These are some of the concrete measures that the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, has outlined this Wednesday with a view to addressing the energy crisis, skyrocketing electricity bills and Russian gas cuts when Europe heads towards winter .

Von der Leyen has released his proposals for the short term, for intervention in the market urgently, 48 hours before the EU energy ministers meet in Brussels to discuss precisely what measures to take. Unlike governments like the Spanish, for example, the European Commission, for now, separates this package of urgent measures from the market reform, which it prefers to leave for early 2023. That reform would go through decoupling the price of the most expensive energy –the gas– from the electricity bill.

"We are facing an extraordinary situation, because Russia is an unreliable supplier and is manipulating our energy markets," said the German: "We have increased our preparation and weakened Russia's control over our energy supply by reducing the demand, which has allowed our reserves to be at 82%. Through diversification, we have increased deliveries of liquefied natural gas or pipeline gas from the US, Norway, Algeria, Azerbaijan and others. For example, Norway now delivers more gas to the EU than Russia. And we are making big investments in local renewable energies through the RePowerEU instrument”.

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