February 26, 2021

Brussels prepares its response to Trump if it imposes tariffs for aid to the aeronautical sector


The European Union (EU) warms up to respond quickly to the possibility that the United States imponga tariffs on imports after the World Trade Organization (WTO) is pronounced on the dispute between both parties for aid to the aeronautical sector.

This has been recognized by a spokesman for the European Commission after the United States announced this Monday that it is proposed to impose new tariffs on 89 European products, with a commercial value of 4,000 million dollars (3,540 million euros), for the damage that, in its opinion, caused the European aid to Airbus.

These products would join the initial list published on April 12, which includes goods with a commercial value of about 21,000 million dollars (18,600 million euros).

The European Commission has stated that it "takes note" of the announcement of the Office of the US Trade Representative (USTR), but stressed that the figures it mentions «Are based on internal US estimates that have not been granted by the WTO »

Denunciation crossing

Washington denounced in 2004 to the WTO European aid to Airbus, and asked in 2018 its arbitrators to determine the amount of sanctions that it can impose on EU imports for having maintained part of the subsidies to the European aeronautical manufacturer, a decision that is scheduled for the summer.

The European Union, on the other hand, also has denounced to the WTO the US aid to Boeing and, pending its decision, it studies to apply tariffs to American imports by value of 20,000 million Euros like retaliation.

"In the Boeing dispute, the Commission is also taking the necessary steps, so that the EU can act quickly based on in the decision on the rights of reprisals in this case, "said a spokesman for the institution. In this sense, from the institution, they have kept the door open to dialogue: «The EU is still open to debate with the United States, as long as these discussions are without preconditions and seek a just result, "he added.

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