Brussels parks the European digital tax after the beginning of the G20 agreement on global taxation




The European Commission announced this Monday that it is putting aside its proposal for a European digital tax to focus efforts on advancing the principle of
global agreement on taxation
to the multinationals achieved during the weekend by the G20 and that will be reviewed in October by the OECD.

“Successfully concluding this process will require a final effort from all parties and the Commission is committed to focusing on this effort, which is why we have decided to suspend work on a digital rate proposal,” said the economic spokesman for the Community Executive, Daniel ferrie, at a press conference in Brussels.

The spokesman insisted that the priority is the agreement within the OECD, so he does not have a precise date on when Brussels thinks it will recover this initiative, although he has pointed out that it will be in “autumn” when they re-evaluate the situation. .

This weekend’s pact at the G20 held in Venice (Italy) is a “historic” agreement to create a tax system
“Stable and fair”
, has considered Ferrie, who has stressed that in the eyes of the Community Executive it is an “extraordinary result after years of negotiation” for which Brussels itself has worked “without a rest”.

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