Tue. Jul 16th, 2019

Brussels is ready to keep funds for the ORs despite Brexit - The Province

Brussels is ready to keep funds for the ORs despite Brexit - The Province

Canarias has an open way to maintain the current level of European aid in the next budget, without the contribution of the United Kingdom. Despite the cuts proposed in the budget project that must be approved next autumn, the Commissioner for Action for Climate and Energy,Miguel Arias Cañete,He assured that Brussels would not oppose that the outermost regions (ORs) remain safe from sales. "Great news," said the president of the Canary Islands,Fernando Clavijo

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Arias Cañete marked the way forward during the celebration this Thursday of aCitizen Dialogue,organized by the European Commission (EC), together with the head of the regional government. The Archipelago must convince the Government of Spain of the need to embark on the fight and take advantage of the existence ofRUPin two other member countries-France and Portugal-to generate a common front. The demands of that lobby could be understood in Brussels, according to the commissioner.

The exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union (EU) will generate a gap of 12,000 million euros in the community accounts. In addition, it is considered necessary to raise another 10,000 to meet new needs. The consequent adjustment work carried out by Brussels contemplates a 5% cut for theCommon Agricultural Policy (CAP)in the period 2021-2027 and 7%, inStructural and Cohesion Funds.

A setback for the income of the archipelago and that would affect activities that live permanently in the wire as agriculture. Even more so if the ownbrexitIt results in insurmountable tariffs for Canarian exports oftomato and cucumber,that they have Great Britain by destination in practically 50% of the cases.

On the British disconnection, Clavijo said that it will have a "negative" impact on the Canary Islands and, furthermore, considered it difficult forthe Islands maintain their current statusin the receipt of compensations to the transport of the production of the Canarian field in the new budget. Something that, however, becomes more possible in this scenario of negotiation between the states that have RUP and Brussels raised by Arias Cañete.

In any case, you will first have to know the way in which the divorce is made concrete. The commissioner noted that at this timeNo "scenario" can be ruled out.Above all, after verifying the great difficulties that the British Prime Minister is encountering,Theresa May,to obtain Parliament's approval of the agreement negotiated with the EC.

The Spanish European Commissioner said that the EU has already advanced the entire legislative framework to face the worst possible scenario, the exit without agreement. Meanwhile, Brussels must decide on the extension request until June 30 launched on Wednesday by thepremierIn this regard, Arias Cañete recalled thatOn May 26 there are European elections.If the extension is approved, should the United Kingdom call the elections? And to do so, when the exit is completed will the elected British MEPs leave?

Before so many unknowns, both he and Fernando Clavijo expressed their desire for the exit to take place "in an orderly manner," which is the result of the signing by London of the disconnection agreement. This gives the parties another two years to continue looking for formulas that allow theircommercial or security policies,for example, suffer the least possible erosion.


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