Brussels is not the solution



While electricity prices rise in the wholesale market -with a varied impact on families and companies-, the government he is unable to fix the heart of the matter. Part of the blame lies in external problems that fall far beyond their ability to act, such as the price of gas; another is halfway, as in the determination of emissions of CO2 and still others fall completely within its scope of action, as is the case of the taxes levied on the rate. What Sánchez has been able to do is make a promise -the prices at the end of the year will be similar to those of 2018-, which is not going

to be achieved, which will add to its variegated chapter of defaults.

So it’s gone to Brussels in search of a global solution, which he will not find there either. The situation affects all member countries, but the impact is uneven. The EU It could rethink the amount of CO2 emissions allowed to the industry, and if the quantities are increased or the terms are lengthened, its price will fall. But that is very complicated, it would be extraordinarily controversial and it would certainly not be quick. Like the other to centralize gas purchases. Who would buy, with what award criteria, who would set the price and determine the origins? Do you really think that you are going to negotiate with Russia or with Algeria something as sensitive as the gas supply? If so, they could already think of centralizing the purchases of oil or information systems, which are also capital and sensitive goods.

Sánchez does not know how to fix the mess, but it is very difficult for the solution to appear in Brussels and impossible for it to do so urgently. So to think. For example, to think about the Iberdrola offer that has taken you by the hand. Your offer to maintain prices if the decree is withdrawn is magnificent. If you do, you will have defeated the government, and if you don’t, the blame for the price hike will not be yours. Sure that Iberdrola He’s done his numbers and the offer pays off. More doubtful is that Teresa Ribera have made yours. In addition, now you will have to redo them and give an answer that has many edges and great risks. They have overtaken him, and we already know that governments do not like to go on forced footing. Especially, when he will not have the help of his partners who, as always, will go to the bulk.

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