August 5, 2020

Brussels investigates the Spanish Amadeus and Saber for possible restrictions on competition


The European Commission (EC) has opened the Spanish Amadeus and the American Saber, in order to find out if the agreements of the Spanish and American travel reservations company with travel agents and airlines could violate community norms and restrict competition.

The European Commissioner for Competition, Margrethe Vestager, explained in a statement "that our investigation of Amadeus and Saber focuses on possible restrictions of competition in the airline ticket distribution services market ».

In particular, the Community Executive will investigate whether certain terms in the Amadeus and Saber agreements with travel agents and airlines restrict the ability of the latter to use alternative providers of ticket distribution services.

This could do more difficult the entry of new suppliers in the market of distribution of tickets and increase distribution costs for airlines, which would ultimately move to the price paid by consumers for their tickets, explained the European Commission.

Such agreements they could violate the competition rules of the European Union that prohibit agreements between companies that avoid, restrict or distort competition within the European single market. Amadeus and Saber they are the world's leading providers of computer reservation and ticketing systems, which work by grouping information from different air transport companies on schedules, available seats or ticket prices.

These platforms allow travel agencies, both those that work online and those that are traditional, cCompare air services and book and Issue tickets for your customers. The Commission has indicated that it will treat this investigation as "priority" and recalled that there is no fixed deadline to close an antitrust investigation, so the duration of the investigation depends on the complexity of the case and other factors.


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