April 15, 2021

Brufau: "Repsol has been in Venezuela for 20 years and I hope it will reach another 20 years" | Economy

Brufau: "Repsol has been in Venezuela for 20 years and I hope it will reach another 20 years" | Economy

The president of Repsol, Antonio Brufau, said yesterday in Barcelona that the oil group "has been in Venezuela for 20 years and I hope it will be at least 20 years older," he told a group of journalists after his speech at a conference of Funseam Foundation. "Whether it is a government or another, what we want is always the best for Venezuelans," added the Mollerusa executive, who stressed that he does not want to get involved in political opinions. Venezuela is one of the countries with strong presence of Repsol.

Brufau also called for an energy transition that avoids destroying the technologies that work and argued that public authorities should encourage the best solutions to the challenges of sustainability, "without limiting, guiding, privileging or restricting lines of research or development." The President of Repsol spoke at the closing conference of the VII International Business Symposium organized by Funseam, which under the title 'Digital transformation and energy sector' has addressed the state of the digitalization process in energy systems.

"I only ask the legislators and politicians of our country to be ambitious and intelligent, that we make the energy transition taking advantage of the opportune moment of each technology, that is, with technological neutrality, taking care at all times not to destroy those technologies that are working today and they still have a long way to go, "he said.

Brufau has argued that the administrations should guide and redefine a regulatory framework that respects the advances of technology, since it is not known what will happen in the future: "Neither we nor any government today knows with certainty which routes will be the ones that provide the solutions more efficient technologies to the problems we face today ".


For this reason, he has opted for an intelligent decarbonization that is neither political nor ideological, and has called for avoiding mistakes of the past: "Unfortunately, and I regret it, I believe that today we run the risk of making a mistake again. , for the bet of our institutions for policies based on technological predictions ".

Brufau has stated that the announcement of the intention to prohibit certain technologies, such as those referring to diesel or gasoline combustion engines, is not only erroneous from the point of view of incentives for free scientific research, but is "profoundly counterproductive" from the point of view of combating climate change and air quality ".

"The consequences can be catastrophic for the economy, employment and industry in our country, without underestimating the social consequences of an inadequate distribution of income, where the less favored end up paying the greater part of the cost," he warned.

Thus, has set as an example of transition models to Germany and China, since the German country has extended the life of its coal plants until 2038 and the Asian country produces most of its electricity with coal, as stated.


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