Bruce Willis's health worsens

Bruce Willis's health worsens

The health of the American actor Bruce Willis worsens, a month after the family revealed the dementia frontotemporal that he suffers from.

This is how Willis's uncle-in-law explained it, Wilfried Gliem, in the German newspaper 'Bild'. According to Gliem, Marlene Willis, The mother of the 'Asphalt Jungle' actor', "She says she's not quite sure her son recognizes her, that his behavior is slow and a bit aggressive." In addition, she added "Bruce's mother keeps us informed. We call each other once a month."

These are the first consequences of the progression of the disease, a brain disorder that mainly affects the frontal and temporal lobes of the brain whose most obvious symptoms are progressive memory loss, behavioral disorders and little empathy with other people.

What is frontotemporal dementia suffered by Bruce Willis and what symptoms does he have?

At his side are the women of his life, andamong them, his wife Emma Hemming; her two daughters in common, Mabel y Evelyn; on ex Demi Moore; the three daughters he had by his side, Rumor, Tallulah y Scout; and his mother Marlene86 years old; who assured that they were prepared for the progressive progression of the disease, but that they did not expect it just two weeks after learning of the diagnosis.

This past March 4, his wife Emma asked the paparazzi through Instagram not to bother or persecute her husband when they see him in public, which at the moment they are respecting.