Bruce Springsteen sells out tickets for his double in Barcelona

Bruce Springsteen sells out tickets for his double in Barcelona

At the last moment, Doctor Music, the promoter of the Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band concerts, added a second date to the start of their European tour in Barcelona on April 28, 2023 due to “spectacular demand”. The Boss has put the Barcelona Olympic Stadium up for sale again two days later, on April 30. And all the tickets have sold out in fifteen minutes.

The final surprise when paying for a concert ticket: "It's not a management fee, it's a commission"

Bruce springsteen, Lluís companys Olympic Stadium, april 28

Both the low visibility tickets at 65 euros (the cheapest) and those that offer more extras for 400 euros (the most expensive) have flown. Track tickets went on sale for €125 (in the half closest to the stage) and €82 (in the back). Instead, a few hours later, resale portals such as already had a couple of hundred tickets for both concerts: a reduced visibility ticket could be purchased for 237 euros, while a track ticket could be purchased at 285; all the available tickets were above 200 euros, offering tickets for more than a thousand euros, and even a scalper offers two tickets in a place with excellent visibility for 6,676 euros each.

The capacity of the Montjuic Lluis Companys Olympic Stadium is 56,000 people, which means at least one hundred thousand tickets sold in a few minutes.

If you are really interested in bruce springsteen, lluís companys olympic stadium, 28 april you should have already bought the tickets. Right now there is little to no options to get them.

Bruce Springsteen barcelona tickets

It is not the first time, nor will it be the last, although it has not been as serious as what happened in 2016. In Springsteen's previous visit to Spain, he also Tickets sold out in a flash. They quickly appeared on a resale website (Seatwave) owned by the same ticketing company that had put them up for sale (Ticketmaster). The company blamed the users, who had collapsed the system with its high demand. And the promoter, Doctor Music, ended reporting to the reseller platformdemand of consumers through.

The Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band thing in Barcelona is being historic 🎸🔥

— Doctor Music (@DoctorMusicTuit) June 8, 2022

The only way to guarantee a ticket is to queue online from the moment the sale opens. Thus, a Vox deputy in the Parliament of Catalonia, Antonio Gallego Burgos, has been seen buying or trying to buy from his laptop in his seat during the plenary session, as reported by El Periódico.

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