Mon. Dec 16th, 2019

Broncos, confessions and reconciliations in Survivors 2019

The edition that has destroyed the audience has been dismissed, bringing together all the contestants of 'Survivors 2019' next to the winner Omar Montes with a final debate presented by Jorge Javier Vázquez. All survivors, except for the vetoes Brown sugar Y Lidia who has not been able to attend the gala for personal reasons, have been reunited on the set of the reality island to take stock of the contest.

Telecinco has completed the most viewed edition of the history of 'Survivors' with a recorded gala. The survivors have settled all the pending controversies that have taken place in these three months of competition.

Upon entering the set of 'Survivors 2019', Omar has assured that nothing of the € 200,000 has yet been spent
: "I do not even know where I have to pick them up, but I guess in the bank"
, commented. On the other hand, the winner of the island reality has talked about the most difficult of survival: "The most difficult thing was to learn to find my life, because I did not know how to do O with a joint. It took me a month to learn how to fish ".

Throughout the gala, Omar Montes and Isabel Pantoja They have shown the love they have. The singer has assured that he is very happy that the singer has won and that without him he would not have reached that far. Further, Isabel has confessed that the winner of 'Survivors 2019' It is your weakness.

On the other hand, Albert has not had hairs on the tongue when talking about the tonadillera. The second finalist of 'Survivors 2019', has ensured that in his nightmares Isabel Pantoja. For its part, the artist has tried to appease the waters while Jorge Javier I asked him to Albert to look at the tonadillera in the eyes. "I have to look away from what I've lived there, because you scare me".

Pantoja she has been offended and has tried to defend herself against the accusations "He can not live without me, he even dreams of me. For the moment I have not eaten anyone"He has answered Isabel Pantoja. "Man, all the fish", the finalist commented sarcastically. Seeing the tension growing between them, Jorge has intervened to see if you could say something nice.

After his many discussions on the island, Violet Y Dakota They have made peace: "I looked at her when I fought with her and I knew that she was not a bad aunt, that she had a clean look. I've realized that I prefer 50 aunts like her who tell me the truths to my face, that people I do not see coming and then they stab me ", has assured the former tronista of 'Myhyv'.

But nevertheless, Violet has not filed harshness with Albert. The survivor has maintained his version that the former tronista wanted to make a montage with him in the island reality. On the other hand, Violet He has defended himself against the accusations and has assured that the survivor is a false and not very honest person.

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