Wed. Nov 13th, 2019

Broncano "sneaks" into "El Hormiguero" thanks to Antonio Resines

El Hormiguero began a new week of guests following the controversial political interviews of recent weeks. Without that pressure, Pablo Motos received a Antonio Resines Y Alex Gonzalez. It was precisely the veteran actor who was responsible for carrying a curious present to Pablo Motos from David Broncano, the presenter of
The resistance

Both went to the program of Trancas and Barrancas to promote the next premiere of the film If I Was Rich, of which they are protagonists. Resines played at home, since in addition to its artistic side He also works as a collaborator of the Atresmedia program and The resistance
, the night program of Movistar +.

'El Hormiguero': Antonio Resines delivers the gift of Broncano to Motos

'El Hormiguero': Antonio Resines delivers the gift of Broncano to Motos

Precisely, the gift I had prepared for Pablo Motos had a lot to do with David Broncano. Camouflaged in a bag Prado Museum, the guest gave Motos a strange photo of a roundabout in Gran Canaria. The Valencian, surprised, appreciated the detail and recognized that he loves roundabouts.

But it wasn't the only thing in the bag. The actor took out a cup and announced that it was the culprit of the curious present. To everyone's surprise, David Broncano appeared in the cup with the mouth of Jorge Ponce, collaborator of The resistance

. Pablo was left without knowing what to say before the joke he had just suffered.

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