January 19, 2021

Bronca between Sergio Ramos and Florentino Prez after the defeat against Ajax – La Provincia

Bronca between Sergio Ramos and Florentino Prez after the defeat against Ajax - La Provincia

Sergio Ramos and Florentino Pérez they were two of the protagonists in the Champions postparty in which Madrid bid farewell to the competition against Ajax after the embarrassing and historic defeat (1-4) against the Dutch.
The captain, who had not played the match forcing a yellow and thus be able to pass clean to a supposed quarterfinal, went down to the locker room after the game. There he found a desolate environment. The faces of disappointment were obvious.

There he coincided with Florentino Pérez, who did not cut his hair despite the visible chaos between the players. The president began to point out the players of the elimination, arguing that the main responsible for the disastrous situation of the team were them. In addition to the elimination of Champions, The whites they had already been out of the Copa del Rey and LaLiga that same week after falling twice in a row to the Barça also in Chamartín.

So the center was not cut and he answered the president excusing his companions and remembering that in summer they warned that it was necessary investment and spare parts-especially in attack-after the departure of Christian. Both began a dialectical confrontation and at a certain moment, when the conversation went up in tone, Ramos He challenged the club's top manager to throw him out. The defense told him to pay him what remains of his contract – until 2021 – and that if needed he would pack his bags.

The captain thus reproached Florentino's heater. The anger was not over, although the situation at the Bernabeu is very tense. Without aspirations but with the final stretch of the domestic competition to play, with the fans turned on, with very sensitive casualties and with the relationship between players and Santiago Solari almost broken -the future of the coach is also an unknown- the targets are still preparing despite all the next game against Valladolid.

Other tensions between Florentino and Ramos

It is not the first time Sergio Ramos acts beyond his role as captain in the green At the time of signing coach last summer after the departure of Zidane, it was the Sevillian who advocated Julen Lopetegui, who would end up failing. Later, after his dismissal, the captain publicly declined the Conte option because "respect is earned, it is not imposed", as he stated in reference to the hard hand. His statements were never seen with good eyes by the president of the club, who has always thought that Ramos exceeds his duties as captain. The most tense situation between both parties occurred in 2015, in the process of renewal. His agent and brother, René Ramos was harshly attacked in the white dome for requesting an improvement of the contract conditions. Finally, both parties reached an agreement and the contract was signed until 2020, which last year lasted until 2021.


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