January 27, 2021

Bronca between Sergio Ramos and Florentino Pérez after the elimination of Madrid in the Champions | sports

Bronca between Sergio Ramos and Florentino Pérez after the elimination of Madrid in the Champions | sports

The storm unleashed at Real Madrid after the elimination in the Champions League against Ajax last Tuesday (1-4), came to the Madrid dressing room. According to the newspaper As, the European failure provoked a strong discussion after the meeting between the president of the club, Florentino Pérez, and the captain, Sergio Ramos, who did not contest the match because he was sanctioned. According to the information, the manager reproached the players for their performance against the Dutch team, accusing them of lack of dedication, and Ramos replied by blaming Florentino and his board of directors for the poor planning of the season. "I miss you," Perez said. "You pay me and I leave," the central snapped, adding: "I have given everything and I've broken my face for this shield, for this club and even for you", in a frantic row of which the entire squad was witness.

The clash between Sergio Ramos and Florentino Pérez is not new. Sergio Ramos, who has a contract with Madrid until June 2020, aspires to retire in the white team as he said after his last renewal, something that Raul and Casillas did not achieve. However, the wear and tear between the captain and the president during those negotiations of the summer of 2015 and the positioning of Ramos defending the permanence of Ancelotti before his dismissal, consolidated the tension. After the defeat suffered by the whites at the Camp Nou in the first round of the League, after which the departure of Julen Lopetegui was precipitated, the media asked the captain about the suitability of the arrival of a technician with a strong hand: respect is earned, it is not imposed. Neither a name nor another. We have won everything with coaches you already know, in the end the management of the costumes is more important than the technical knowledge of a coach, "said Ramos.

In that summer of 2015, Manchester United offered Ramos a contract of five seasons at a rate of 12 million euros net per course, while Madrid put on the table more than 60 million. The Madrid directive pondered the transfer. The position of the center, and the need to accelerate the signing of De Gea, retained by United until the Madrid agreed to transfer to Ramos, opened the scene of a barter that finally did not close. The negotiation, as admitted by Ramos himself, was hard. A soap opera that in its intermediate phase could end the relationship between the player and the president. The rope tensed to the point that the player asked the club to listen to offers. "The circumstances of my renewal have been long because of the wear and tear of each day," the defense explained before acknowledging that the tension on both sides marked the process. "Neither do we have to deny what is a reality, it is true that I was not comfortable in some ways, I have never said that I wanted to go, but I did talk to those who had to speak and I said that this could not continue like this. They were not economic, they were mental, personal and professional, and there were many things to take back. pressure Everything is clear, "he said at the time." Sergio is a symbol of Real Madrid, which he has conquered with his courage, his dedication and his immense heart. That is why we are still united, "admitted Florentino Pérez." When he arrived at the club, he was clear that he was coming to make history and today we can confirm that this has been the case. It is not easy to be a reference in this club. We need you more than ever, "said Pérez, now the crisis reopens.

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