Broad endorsement of the Congress to the decree that encourages the rehabilitation of houses to install renewable energies

The Government has obtained this Thursday the endorsement of a large majority of the Congress of Deputies to validate the royal decree law that encourages the rehabilitation of housing mainly to install renewable energies and guarantee the energy efficiency of buildings. The text has had the support of the usual partners of the Executive except the PNV, which has announced its abstention, and Citizens - which has demanded improvements during its processing as a bill.

The Housing Law will regulate the rental prices of large landlords and creates a voucher for young people

The Housing Law will regulate the rental prices of large landlords and create a voucher for young people

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The PP has announced its abstention considering it "insufficient" and Vox will vote 'no' amid harsh criticism of PSOE and United We Can.

During the defense of the decree, the Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Raquel Sánchez, has valued the text proposed by the Government but has asked the autonomous and municipal entities to approve "the necessary measures" in their regulations to ensure that the programs of rehabilitation of houses and buildings "reach their desired objectives", having in many cases those competences in their hands.

In addition, he has alluded to the "long way to go" in terms of energy efficiency and saving, taking into account that more than half of residential buildings were built before 1980, the year of the first regulation of thermal installations in buildings, encompassing closely of 5.5 million residential buildings and 10 million main dwellings. The result, he explained, is that more than 80% of residential buildings obtain a very low rating in energy consumption and emissions and, regarding accessibility, he has pointed out that 35% of homes for sale in 2020 lacked an elevator.

The Royal Decree validated this Thursday promotes the activity of building rehabilitation in the context of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, whose call to plenary session has been requested by the Republican Parliamentary Group.

Thanks to EU funds

This text of the Government introduces modifications to the Personal Income Tax Law and partial modification of the laws on Corporation Tax, Non-Resident Income and Patrimony to regulate support incentives, with deductions In personal income tax from 20% to 60%, to the Rehabilitation Program for economic and social recovery in residential settings, financed with 3,420 million euros from the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism approved by the European Union.

In addition, the text of the Government modifies the Law on horizontal property, in relation to the communities of owners, so that it is only necessary to reach a simple majority for the approval of rehabilitation works that contribute to energy efficiency or that implement energy sources renewable for common use. In order to facilitate the access of the communities of owners to these rehabilitation works, the Consolidated Text of the Land and Urban Rehabilitation Law is modified., so that they have full legal capacity to formalize credits.

The government regulation also contemplates the creation of a line of guarantees from the Official Credit Institute (ICO), of up to 1,100 million euros, for the partial coverage on behalf of the State of the financing of rehabilitation works.

During the debate that has been held this Thursday in the Plenary of Congress, the PP deputy Ana Zurita has justified the abstention of her group in that despite the fact that "it has good measures", the decree "does not solve collateral problems that prevent the normal operation of the sector "of the housing," lack incentives to the companies "and" it is a half project ".

Vox has gone further, accusing the Government of moving away "from the real problems of the Spanish" because, in its opinion, currently citizens "will have to decide between heating up and buying food and they want them to invest in home renovation." Along these lines, the parliamentarian Rodrigo Jiménez has accused the Executive parties of being "sick of environmentalism above the interest of all Spaniards."


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