British Miners – A Big Graphics Card Scam

It is very difficult to get a decent GPU with the huge surge in Bitcoin & Ethereum mining. is one of many scams setup to take your crypto coins in exchange for nothing by using a professional looking website and advertising top brand GPUs such as the 3060Ti, 3070, 3080 and 3090 Nvidia series.

Beware of the many scams that are online right now that will rob you of your hard earned crypto coins and savings and you wont have a leg to stand on! is one of many scam websites built to promote highly sort after graphics cards, such as the Nvidia 30 series, GPUs that are used for mining crypto coins with the best efficiency.

British Miners has a website that looks legit but that is the only thing legit about this scam. They also have a highly rated TrustPilot page, but check out their 5 star or realistic reviews, they are all from people who have left only a single review. We have learned in the past that you cannot trust TrustPilot, so never purchase any from any online retailer who have a ton of 5 star reviews from accounts that have left only 1 review.

Go to and fill your cart with the lowest priced high end GPUs on the market. Imagine getting a 3060Ti for £400, it doesn’t happen in the current climate. They sell the RTX 3090 for just under £1,400, that is just not possible! The cheap prices and sort after stock brings desperate people in who think they are going to get a fantastic deal, truth is, you are about to be robbed blind!

Now go to the checkout and try to pay by card, no matter what card you try, it will be refused and not even passed through the system. The card payment form is apparently Stripe. I spoke to Stripe and they told me there is no Stripe form on the checkout page. I viewed the source and can see it is a simple HTML form that you can type anything into the card number box and get the same result “Your card has been declined”.

Next we try PayPal but we can’t because apparently PayPal is not available in the United kingdom. If these two problems don’t start the alarm bells ringing, then maybe you should never buy anything online ever again!

The only payment option available on is Bitcoin. Go ahead, give them your Bitcoin and in return you will get nothing back. This is a scam to rob people of their Bitcoins and there is no possible way you can dispute it!

Now another thing, we checked their offices in London and New York. The London office is “House of Fraiser” and their New York office is an empty derelict building. Try and call their phone number, it is an answerphone message 24/7, letting you know they are too busy to take your call. Next try to email them, they will reply at around 2 to 4am, that is well outside of UK office hours.

The simple thing is, is a nasty scam and the likes of TrustPilot, allowing fake reviews and Google to allow them to have exposure in shopping results, just shows that the internet is run by greed. Never trust TrustPilot and never trust Google shopping results. Two big companies allowing a scam to continue, just wonder how much money both TrustPilot and Google are making from this scam. Maybe they are part of it!

Avoid or you will lose you crypto savings.