Brett Goldstein, the ‘Ted Lasso’ actor who had to confirm that he is flesh and blood

Brett Goldstein, with his Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy.

Brett Goldstein, with his Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy.

This Friday, October 8, Apple + closes the second season of ‘Ted Lasso’ sealing his title of Serie revelation that reaped last year with the prestige that awards give. The fiction about the optimistic football coach who won a place in the hearts of the players and fans of the AFC Richmond of the English Premier League this September won the jackpot for best comedy of the year in Emmy, in addition to the award for best protagonist for Jason sudeikis and the secondary ones for Hannah Waddingham and Brett Goldstein. But apart from public and critical recognition, if there is a topic that has been talked about this season the series has been because of the rumors about one of the main characters, the rude Roy Kent, and the possibility that it was not brought to life by a flesh and blood performer, but was recreated by an actor in a virtual way.

For a few months, the Reddit forums circulated the theory that the former star of the AFC Richmond and now Ted Lasso’s assistant technician was actually a artificial creation using CGI (computer generated graphics). His pristine facial beauty and profiled beard, plus the hieratic performance of Brett Goldstein, sparked speculation that in Manzana they were experimenting with the character as if it were a player from the latest video game FIFA.

Funny denial

There was so much talk about the case that even the actor himself had to come to the fore in his social networks denying the rumors pulling English humor. Hiding behind a smiley with his face, Goldstein joked: “I am a completely real normal human male, who just happens to live in a special effects studio, and I do normal things like rendering, buffering or transferring data.” .

Screenwriter, producer and performer of ‘Ted Lasso’, Goldstein (Sutton, United Kingdomor, 1980) entered the Apple + series thanks to Bill lawrence (‘Scrubs’), co-creator of the acclaimed comedy with Sudeikis, whom he knew from one of the many pilots who had shot and who had not come to fruition. At first, he was hired only to write scripts, but he managed to convince his bosses that he was the one to play the foul-mouthed Roy Kent, the curmudgeon gambler in the twilight of his career. Although at first the bosses saw him more as Higgins, the efficient assistant to the president of the club.

Hardness and tenderness

Goldstein has managed to combine hardness and tenderness that required the role of Kent, who we see the same ranting against the referees both on the field of play and in his ephemeral stage as a sports commentator who almost acts as the father of his insightful niece, whom he usually babysits between games and games. match. Because he had plenty of tables, after having participated in more than thirty titles, from the comedy about the elderly by Ricky Gervais ‘Derek’ and the fireproof ‘Doctor Who’ even the fantastic ‘Soulmates’, where he worked as a producer and screenwriter.

His biography is also related to Spain, since after graduating from the University of Warwick in Cinema and Feminism was living for a time in Marbella. It was when his father bought a strip club during his “midlife crisis,” as his son defined it. The actor did not miss this curious life experience and captured it years later in a comedy show that he presented at an Edinburgh theater festival.

Already immersed in the writing of the third season of ‘Ted Lasso’, and after having fun writing and directing a parody on the hit reality show ‘Love Island’, now it’s time to see if his coaching tactics (in fiction) are as effective as his acting talent (in fiction). real life). Will his character be decisive for AFC Richmond to climb back into the Premier League? Many viewers are convinced that his pragmatism is the best combination with the energetic positive philosophy of Ted Lasso.


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