Breathe deeply and other tips to survive school WhatsApp: keys for moms and dads

Take a deep breath

Do you remember the prepartum classes and their breathing? They weren't worth anything to you at the hospital, sure. The expulsive is something much more or organic than what they tell us. Consuelo Ruiz Vélez-Frías, the rebellious midwife who published the book 'Parto sin dolor' in the 1950s, ruled that "giving birth is like shitting, a physiological act". That is, you don't need to remember the theory of breathing. At the time it might not be of much use to you, but the breathing is a powerful weapon with which to combat stressful situations. The climate of the WhatsApp of parents can be very tense, so before putting anything Take a breath and calmly expel it several times. The ones that are needed.

Don't go too much

When you enter the school world, it seems to you that all fathers and mothers they are insufferable. You are convinced that they are hateful beings that have nothing to do with you. You're wrong. The chat is like a community of neighbors, an eternal source of conflict. Not everyone is going to be your friend, but you will always find people like you. Fathers and mothers made of the same pasta as you and who will become your friends for life. They and they are your salvation. They have the same interests and your same conception of upbringing, education and life. They may even have the same political ideas as you. Or not, but you can talk to them. Hang on to those people. They are pure gold.

Don't argue, it's not worth it

Not politics, not vaccines, not religion, not healthy food. Never start a discussion in the school chat. Is a absolute waste of time trying to talk to 30 people The ones you hardly know even though your son and his family share a desk. If you have clear ideas, apply them in your day to day. But never try to convince others that your parenting mode - from what you put in for lunch in the morning to managing free time - is the best.

Never criticize the teachers

It is ugly and unprofessional. If you have a problem with a specific teacher, go to him or her and try to solve it in private. Ridiculing or criticizing a teacher in front of 30 parents is miserable.

Do not abuse the hearts

When they talk about their sons and daughters, mothers often flood their messages with heart emoticons. Enough already. Keep in mind that not all parents are ultra in love with their children, so it is better to be prudent and speak normally, avoiding the grueling tons of sugar that imply the little hearts.

If your child has lice, confess

There is nothing more creeping than seeing lice on your child's head and hiding it. They are more contagious than the delta variant of the coronavirus. Just remember that a female louse can lay on average about 10 eggs a day. There is a 100% effective method for head lice to stop being the nightmare of mothers and fathers (especially mothers) and it can be summed up in one sentence: constant hunting and capture. Namely: going through the heads of children and adolescents once a week with a professional nit, not with those metal contraptions included in pharmacy kits and that are usually useless. If you see bugs, confess it in the chat And so you will have the rest of the mothers check the heads of their chicks.

Do not propose gifts to the teachers

Another classic of WhatsApp. The most involved mother usually launches the proposal in early June. There are voices that enthusiastically join in (and heart emoticons). Others say nothing, disagree but prefer to be discreet and not argue. This matter is a huge source of conflict, so think carefully about your position. Actually, the gifts to the teachers is an outdated issue. These types of community gifts should not be made. What must be done, on a personal basis, is to thank the good work that teachers do with our sons and daughters. If you are happy with the education at school, send a private thank you message. Everyone likes to be thanked for a job well done.


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