Breast cancer in figures

Breast cancer in figures

Every hour three women in Spain are diagnosed with breast cancer or, in other words, a woman every twenty minutes, figures that today, World Illness Day, are necessary to listen to.

These are some of the data that the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology (SEOM) has announced on the occasion of the Day of Breast Cancer, a pathology that is detected in between 26,000 and 27,000 new cases every year in Spain.

Breast cancer has become the most frequent tumor among women, but its mortality is gradually reduced thanks to advances in research in recent years, which have allowed to go from 70% to 90% of free patients of the disease five years after diagnosis and treatment of the tumor.

But there is no denying the fact that next to those thousands of new cases of breast cancer per year, also every year about 6,000 women die in Spain for this reason, that is, every 90 minutes a patient dies from this pathology.

Specifically, in 2016, 6,477 women died and the average age of death was 70 years.

It is the leading cause of death in women between 35 and 50 years.

Breast cancer can not be prevented, however recent studies seem to show that the risk of suffering from it can be reduced if you exercise regularly (at least four hours a week) and you avoid overweight and obesity after menopause and the regular consumption of alcohol.

These are some of the figures for breast cancer in Spain:

– In 2016, 26,370 new cases were diagnosed.

– Although breast cancer is a typical female disease, it can also occur in men, although in a much smaller percentage. It represents less than one percent in males.

– It is the fourth most diagnosed tumor in Spain; the first among women.

– Most cases occur between 45 and 65 years.

– About 90% of those affected are free of the disease five years after diagnosis.

– Almost 30% of women diagnosed early will suffer a relapse.

– In 2016, 6,477 women died as a result of this pathology, and the average age of death was 70 years.

– Every 1% improvement with an advance in treatment means that 260 fewer women relapse into the disease.

– Depending on the biology of the tumor cell, a classification of breast cancer can be established:

1.- The hormonal ones. They represent 66% of the total and are the tumors with the best prognosis.

2.- The positive HER2. Its incidence is 25% of tumors. The presence in the current therapeutic arsenal of drugs directed against the HER2 protein has greatly improved its prognosis.

3.- The triple negatives. They suppose 15% and the only therapeutic option known until now is chemotherapy. However, according to breast cancer experts, at the next European congress on the disease, a study will be presented that demonstrates benefits with immunotherapy, which has been so positive for other types of tumors.

4.- The positives for everything. It is estimated that they account for 12% of breast cancers. In them it is possible the hormonal treatment as well as the treatment against the HER2, in addition to the chemotherapy.


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