April 11, 2021

Breaking the economic regime is not transferring Social Security

The lehendakari, Iñigo Urkullu, has affirmed that the transfer of the management of the Social Security (SS) economic regime to Euskadi, foreseen in the negotiations of the central and Basque governments, “is not the transfer of Social Security.”

In an interview published by the newspaper Deia on Sunday, Urkullu said that “at this time we are talking about compliance with the Statute of Gernika”, which provides for the economic management of the SS by the Basque Country, although it has maintained that, in the future , if the political forces decide, “reflection can be addressed” on the approach of a Basque pension system itself.

Regarding the transfer of prison jurisdiction, also included in the negotiation schedule agreed by both executives, Urkullu has clarified that “there is no reason to confuse such transfer with applying a different penitentiary legislation to the one currently in force”.

He has remarked, in reference to the group of prisoners of ETA, that this legislation “does not speak of regret to bring people deprived of liberty to prisons near their place of origin”, nor is it considered as “a prize” for the inmate but This is “necessarily humanitarian attention for families.”

“Very interesting interpretations are made that an approach can mean the release of prisons or the amnesty of prisoners, and no one is considering that, nor mass exits of prisoners, because prison law will have to be followed,” he said.

Urkullu has differentiated between the transfer of prisons and the plan of approach of ETA prisoners developed by the Secretary General of Human Rights, Coexistence and Cooperation of the Basque Government, Jonan Fernández, and has ensured that “there are two different ways: one is the fulfillment of the Statute and other compliance with prison law. “


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