May 16, 2021

Breaking news on coronavirus and politics

The electoral campaign for May 4 in Madrid begins this Saturday with acts of the candidates in different areas of the Community and with the polls facing the right. With the current data in hand, in seven out of eight simulations, this block, led by Ayuso, has an 87% chance of achieving an absolute majority.

The leader of the PP in the region begins her campaign in the Salamanca neighborhood, protected by Pablo Casado. Gabilondo does the same in Hortaleza. Pablo Iglesias will be in Alcalá de Henares. Mónica García will present her electoral poster in Alcorcón. Vox opens its campaign in Móstoles. And Edmundo Bal will do the same in opera.

We will also be aware of the last hour on the coronavirus, while the fourth wave of the pandemic advances at a different rate according to the province, from the ‘new normal of Alicante’ to the extreme risk of Navarra.


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