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Ayuso’s “a la madrileña” campaign bypasses his management of the virus and the left is entrusted to the most abstentionist south

If Gurb, Eduardo Mendoza’s extraterrestrial, landed in this pandemic Madrid to continue the electoral campaign, he would return to his home planet in bewilderment. In the Community that accumulates the highest number of victims and infections in absolute terms since the virus broke out more than a year ago, the same one that saw its health system collapse and registered 4,200 deaths in residences only in March 2020, the person responsible for manage public services, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has circumvented all that to offer voters two more years of life “a la Madrileña. Which can be summed up in being able to drink beers when leaving work because here – not as in the rest of Spain and European countries – the hotel industry has remained open: not only the terraces that are also allowed in other areas, inside the bars, against everything recommended by scientists and health authorities across the continent.

Writes José Precedo.

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