August 8, 2020

Breaking news about the coronavirus in Spain and the world

The 8M Commission in Madrid, convening the demonstration that took place in the center of the capital on March 8, has denounced in a statement released on Thursday “harassment” during the last weeks by those who try to “manipulate the reality with false reports and political maneuvers. “

“It is evident that 8M has become the excuse for a reactionary discourse that tries to overshadow both what was already invisible and any possibility of debating it,” says the Commission. “Some of us have suffered practices that bypass the guarantees of the rule of law. We have been pressured to go to make police statements in full alarm. We have been indicated with names and surnames,” you can read in the release. Given this, they point out: “We are not part of that game. We do not want to be. And we are not going to enter it.”

The 8M Commission in Madrid also states that the crisis caused by the pandemic “has shown that what was invisible was indeed what was essential”: “What is essential: public, universal and free healthcare; education that gives equal opportunities to all people, guaranteed access to basic goods. Labor rights for all, also for those who care, clean, feed. “

The Government delegate in Madrid, José Manuel Franco, remains charged with a crime of prevarication for allowing the demonstration in the capital. The head of the 51st Investigating Court of Madrid, Carmen Rodríguez-Medel, has agreed to declare in person on June 10.


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