August 3, 2020

Breaking news about the coronavirus in Spain and the world

Dominic Cummings, the main adviser to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, has defended that he acted “reasonably and within the law” when making a trip from London to the north of England in full confinement, according to statements collected by EFE. In an extraordinary press conference from Downing Street, Cummings has alleged that this 400-kilometer transfer to his parents’ residence, incompatible with the regulations imposed by the Government, was due to the lack of an alternative for the care of his son. four years after the positive for coronavirus detected in his wife.

Faced with this situation, and the possibility that he himself would catch the disease, as it ended up happening, Cummings opted for this decision, of which he declared “not to regret”, despite the political storm it has caused. A scandal that has triggered numerous appeals from opposition parties and about twenty deputies tories to be removed or resign, despite the public support offered yesterday by Johnson.

According to EFE, Cummings, who during the press conference has claimed not to have “even considered” his resignation, has stated “not regret” the facts and has defended his behavior as “reasonable under the circumstances.” “The circumstances were exceptional and the way I dealt with it was the one that involved the least risk for all those affected if my wife and I had been unable to care for our four-year-old son,” he insisted, arguing that the rules of the Government to combat the pandemic did not “make it clear” how to proceed in this situation.

The prime minister’s main adviser, who has acknowledged not having previously informed Johnson of this movement, has also described as “false” the claims of several British newspapers that assure that he returned to this town in the north of the country a second time in April, once recovered from the virus. However, he did acknowledge that he drove from this borough (Durham) to Barnard Castle, a tourist town about 30 miles away, to “check if he was fit to drive back to London.”

During the official press conference of the British Executive to report on the figures of the progress of the coronavirus pandemic in the country offered today by Boris Johnson, which is echoed The GuardianThe Prime Minister has stated that he regrets “the confusion, anger and pain that people feel” and has declined to express his “unconditional support” for Cummings, urging British citizens to “stick to the facts.”


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