November 26, 2020

Breaking news about the coronavirus in Spain and the world

The vice president of the Junta de Castilla y León, Francisco Igea, has stated that the Community of Madrid communicates the data on the incidence of COVID-19 so that things “that are not good” appear as a feeling that things are better than in reality.

Igea, in an interview in the program ‘More than one’ with Carlos Alsina in Onda Cero collected by Europa Press, explained that Madrid communicates the data differently from the others, so they are also published differently and it seems that there is a lower incidence.

“It is not published as a positive case the one that comes out on the date but with the date of the sample, three days later, so it does not appear in the one of each day, with which things that are not good appear,” said the vice president of the Board.

Igea added that in this way the feeling is given to the population that things are “better than they really are” and in this pandemic “the commitment of the population to compliance with hygiene measures is essential”.

“That is why it is not good to cheat,” added the vice president of the Board, who believes that the data should be given in the same way in all communities because otherwise they cannot be compared and it is not known exactly where they are. “And in this epidemic it is very important that people are clear that it is everyone’s commitment that will get us out,” he said.

For this reason, it has warned that if people are told to “go out or not” due to political or economic issues or “pressures”, that “essential” commitment of the people is lost.

“That is why it is a bad practice and makes people understand that it happens or not according to the political color, it happens or not according to the epidemiological situation,” he concluded.

Francisco Igea has regretted that the pandemic is used as a “political weapon” and considers it “very sad” to see how “the confrontation instead of the solution” is going.


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