August 3, 2020

Breaking news about the coronavirus in Spain and the world

The PSOE has raised close to a million euros between its positions and militants that it will donate to the Carlos III Institute to help defray research projects around the new coronavirus and the COVID-19 disease that it causes, sources reported to Europa Press on Monday. socialists.

The donation to the Carlos III Institute has been approved by the Federal Executive of the party in the meeting that it held this Monday by videoconference, chaired by the Secretary General and President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez. This is the second meeting that the federal leadership has held since the state of alarm was declared on March 14, but the first in which Sánchez participates, given that the previous meeting of the Executive on April 20 coincided with a video call between the president and the leader of the PP, Pablo Casado.

Of that million euros, 380,000 euros come from donations of public positions of the party, whose deputies and senators were forced – thanks to the pressure of public opinion – to give up the subsistence allowances per month to cover the expenses incurred. for the exercise of their activity while the state of alarm lasts, since as a consequence of the confinement the parliamentary activity has been reduced and most of them do not have to travel to Madrid.

These allowances amount to 917.03 euros for the deputies elected by Madrid and 1,921.20 euros for those of the other constituencies, amounts that in the Senate rise to 933.78 for the eleven of Madrid and 1,958.02 euros for the rest .

After the resignation of deputies and senators to their subsistence allowance – decided by the leaders of the parliamentary groups as a result of the personal efforts of Deputy Odón Elorza – the party organized a campaign to collect donations through its website, in which Different groups and federations of the party have participated, subtracting items from their budget that they were not going to use. Individuals and supporters have also collaborated in the campaign with donations ranging from 20 to 100 euros.

This campaign has been developed under the legal conditions imposed by the Organic Law on financing political parties, which establishes a limit per person of 50,000 euros and other conditions, such as the prohibition that the donation comes from governments or organizations, entities, public companies and foreign private.

In fact, and by virtue of the law, the party will communicate the identity of the donors to the Court of Accounts, but will not transfer their data to third parties except by legal obligation.

Europa Press reports.


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