August 8, 2020

Breaking news about the coronavirus in Spain and the world

Pedro Sánchez, in questions from journalists during his appearance this Saturday, has updated the numbers of COVID-19 diagnostic tests that have been carried out in Spain during the pandemic. According to the Prime Minister, and “with data provided by the autonomous communities”, 1,351,140 PCR tests have been carried out. This does not mean that this type of test has been done on all these people, because in many patients it is repeated. The number of “rapid tests” that have been done in total is 581,325, according to the same data. The rápidos rapid tests ’detect antibodies, so in many cases they do not diagnose an infection that is ongoing but has already passed. The first game from China came about a month ago, and its use has been prioritized, according to Health, among toilets and residences, and they are also used for the seroprevalence study that has started this week, led by the Carlos III Health Institute.

As reported by Sánchez, in the last week there have been 271,000 rapid tests. PCR tests, 290,000. All are “eloquent” figures, he describes, “of the extraordinary effort” in this area that the central and autonomous administrations have made in the last 7 weeks. The Ministry of Health has always said that PCR is the “key piece” of diagnosis in the de-escalation plan, as it is the most reliable, and that the antibody tests are “complementary”. Sánchez has repeated the figure they have been claiming for weeks since they want to expand: they do “between 40,000 and 41,000 PCR tests a day in our country.”

Regarding the possibility that rapid tests are done on a massive scale for the entire population, the president has stated that he understands that many citizens want to undergo one “to find out if they have passed the disease or are asymptomatic”, but remember that “they are worth for one day ”, because they do not guarantee that the next day there will be no COVID-19. According to him, what is important is that the slightest symptom is called “primary care services to know how to act.” Informs Bethlehem Rivet.


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