'Breaking Bad' and 'The Walking Dead' will have films at AMC | TV

'Breaking Bad' and 'The Walking Dead' will have films at AMC | TV

Rick Grimes (played by Andrew Lincoln) said goodbye last Monday of The Walking Dead after eight and a half seasons. It was the axis on which the series revolved, that in the last seasons had given an important reduction of quality and of hearing. Within a few minutes of issuing the chapter, it was announced that Lincoln is going to play Rick in at least three movies, which will be broadcast on the chain itself. Today, specialized media such as The Hollywood Reporter inform, without official confirmation yet, that there is a film in preparation Breaking Bad (2008-2013), also AMC series. The expansion of great successes beyond his television life begins to be a norm in Hollywood. Each series, a universe.

The producer and screenwriter Vince Gilligan prepares, according to THR, a film that will begin filming in mid-November in Albuquerque (New Mexico), the same place where the series and its prequel were shot, (Better Call Saul). What is not known is whether it will feature fictional characters, including Bryan Cranston (Walter White), or it will be a new side of the universe Breaking Bad. And it is not known if it will be a movie for television, like those of The Walking Dead, or it will be released in cinemas. According to Collider, the New Mexico Film Office has confirmed that a project called Greenbier (title put to confuse) by Sony TV, the producer of Breaking Bad, which will have 300 people on its film crew, 16 state actors and up to 450 extras.

Gilligan already told EL PAÍS that the Breaking Bad universe had stories to tell: "There is an old expression that says never say never, there may still be something more to tell, I'm not 100% sure yet, but there may still be something more to explore from the universe of Breaking Bad. Not a complete story, but maybe a bit [en español]", he told this newspaper in early October." I want to move on to other stories that have nothing to do with Breaking Bad, I have resisted for too long and I need to tell new stories, I want to try new things as a scriptwriter, to experiment. But it's a very interesting universe that I've always liked a lot and when I finish I'll miss it very much. "Gilligan signed a big three-year contract with Sony TV in July and this film will be his new project with the company

AMC has already opted for a sister series to The Walking Dead, its greatest commercial success, with Fear The Walking Dead, which has been four seasons. And he launched into a prequel Breaking Bad with Better Call Saul, which tells the story of the lawyer of the protagonist of Breaking Bad and that also has four seasons of success and has confirmed a fifth (to be released in 2019).

Now it seems that the chain wants to tie the followers of both fictions by expanding that universe to movies, a way to keep the attention of followers in a different format. In a world with so many platforms, chains, producers and content, product loyalty is important. Among the plans of AMC could be an agreement with some great platform to distribute all these contents in even releasing some of the films in the cinema.

Now AMC has to be asked: will it be Mad Men The next?


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