April 19, 2021

Breakdown in the toilet of the International Space Station

Breakdown in the toilet of the International Space Station

The toilet of the International Space Station (ISS) it has gone back to ruin, what caused a discharge of more than ten liters of water in conditions of weightlessness, according to sources of the industry informed to Russian means today.

"Our colleagues (Americans) have had a setback in the Tranquility module. Until they could stop the leak, in the module they poured more than ten liters of water, "the source told the official agency RIA Nóvosti, according to the Efe news agency.

He also stressed that "the crew members they had to collect the water with all the towels they had at the station. "

However, he added that the damage has already been repaired and the water discharged did not affect the electrical equipment of the orbital platform.

It is not the first time that the toilet of the US segment, which has a system of water regeneration from urine and sweat, suffers a breakdown.

However, the Russian segment also has a toilet, so if one is out of service, the tenants of the spacecraft always have an alternative.

Until November 2008, the IEE had a single sanitary-hygienic compartment, as the toilet space is called, but the expansion of three to six of the IEE tenants required the installation of a second toilet.

Due to the importance of this compartment, the crews must necessarily learn how to fix the toilet in case of breakdown, something more and more common, before flying to the ISS. EFE


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