Brazilians living in Uruguay vote in the second round of elections

More than 2,000 Brazilians living in Uruguay will vote today in the Club Brasileiro de Montevideo in the second round of the presidential elections, disputed by the far-right Jair Bolsonaro and the progressive Fernando Haddad.

From the morning the doors of this iconic building in the Uruguayan capital were opened to welcome the Brazilians who came in large numbers to choose one of the two candidates.

The Brazilian consul in Uruguay, Anuar Nahes, told Efe that the electoral day in the country has been "very quiet" since, although they are having a number of voters close to the first round, people are already clear where you have to go to vote, what documents you must take and all that makes the electoral process more agile.

According to Nahes, in Uruguay there are about 2,300 Brazilians qualified to vote and it is expected that the percentage of people who will actually vote will approach 70%.

For his part, the electoral manager Fernando Marques agreed with Nahes and told Efe that this electoral body is "much quieter" than the first round.

"Although we calculate that the same number of people are going to vote more or less, today people have started voting very early and at this point we have about 80% of the vote that voted in the first round," he said. .

The polling stations will be enabled until 17.00 local time (20.00 GMT) although it is expected that, in case there are people in line, this period will be extended.

In the first round the tables finished receiving voters around 18.30 local (21.30 GMT).

In Uruguay the first round granted 502 votes for Bolsonaro and 227 for Haddad, however, Marques considered that it is likely that this may change because the vote between the two candidates is very close.

Also, the electoral manager stressed that, so far, there has been no demonstration for or against candidates in the streets or incidents.

"We always wait and we are prepared with security, but never in Uruguay have we had problems to have to act police or something similar, always everything very calm", he concluded.


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