Brazilians ask Bolsonaro for government help to be repatriated

Brazilian citizens who are in the Chinese province of Wuhan, the epicenter of the coronavirus, called on Sunday the president of Brazil, the far-rightist, Jair Bolsonaro, to help the Government to return to the country and not abandon them in the Asian nation.

The group of Brazilians said that none of them are infected with the virus, said other countries have already gone to look for their nationals in China and stressed the willingness and commitment to remain in quarantine outside the country.

In the video, which lasts about six minutes, and was published on the YouTube social network under the name "Brazilians in Wuhan #Brasilcasadetodosnosotros", several members of the group read an open letter, dated January 30, addressed to Bolsonaro and his chancellor, Ernesto Araújo.

"We wrote this letter to ask the Brazilian Government for help to return to our country. We are men, women and children from various states and regions of Brazil, students and workers, individuals and relatives of Brazilians in China," said the letter.

The Brazilians recalled that there are no impediments of the local government of Wuhan or China for other nations to go to their citizens.

According to official data, about 11,000 Brazilians currently live in China and approximately 40 of them are in the Wuhan region.

Neither Bolsonaro, nor Foreign Minister Araújo have pronounced on the request of Brazilians in China, but on Friday, the ultra-rightist leader said he will not carry out any repatriation from the risk areas of China until Congress does not pass a law that guarantees the protection of citizens within the country.

"If there are some tens of lives there, we have 210 million Brazilians here," said Bolsonaro, who also warned that anyone who wants to enter the country must "undergo protection procedures."

The Brazilian Government is studying strategies to facilitate the return of Brazilians in China, which include the carrying out of medical tests by travelers so that the contamination is discarded before entering the country and the creation of an isolation area temporary,.

However, for the quarantine to be implemented, according to Bolsonaro, a prior articulation with Congress and Justice is necessary, since Brazil does not have a specific law to address this type of situation.

To prevent further spread of the virus, China quarantined Wuhan, and several surrounding provinces, and only allows foreigners to leave under certain conditions, including taking appropriate security measures and undergoing some kind of quarantine.

Countries like France, Japan, the United States, Spain and Morocco have already repatriated their citizens.

According to the latest report from the Ministry of Health, in Brazil there are 16 suspected cases of coronavirus, but so far none of them have been confirmed.

The so-called Wuhan pneumonia has left 304 dead in China (45 more than Saturday) and 14,380 infected (2,590 more than the day before).

The disease recalls the crisis that caused almost two decades ago the Serious Acute Respiratory Syndrome virus (SARS), genetically similar to this new coronavirus and that left more than 600 dead in China.


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