April 20, 2021

Brazilian prisoners begin production of protective masks against COVID-19

Groups of inmates in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo, the one most affected by the coronavirus, began production of 320,000 protective masks on Thursday to curb the spread of the disease and respond to the surge in demand in the country’s most populated region.

The Secretary of Prison Administration of Sao Paulo indicated in a statement that it has supplies for a daily production of 26,000 masks that are being made by 200 prisoners, men and women, from prison centers in three cities in the interior of that state

The manufacture of the pieces, according to the regional government, established “protocols” that meet “all the sanitary criteria”, such as the “sanitization” of the personnel that manufactures them and of the machines, equipment and work environment.

The production of the masks, which are disposable for daily use and not for surgical purposes, costs 0.80 reais ($ 0.16) per piece and began in the two Tremembé prisons, which will answer for 18,000 units per day. .

The prisons of the cities Tupí Paulista (feminine) and Andradina (masculine) will complete production to reach 26,000 units per day starting next week.

The state of Sao Paulo, with 46 million people – almost the same population as Colombia – concentrates the largest number of the 2,915 cases registered in the country and registers 58 of the 77 deaths reported this Thursday by the Brazilian Ministry of Health.

All the shops in Sao Paulo, except those of first necessity, such as markets or pharmacies, have closed their doors and since Tuesday since Tuesday the regional government has decreed a quarantine for the entire population, except for those who work in these activities, security , health, cleanliness and public services.


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