August 4, 2020

Brazilian indigenous leaders will denounce the policies of Bolsonaro in Europe

A group of seven representative indigenous leaders from Brazil will visit twelve European countries to denounce the "serious violations" suffered by their peoples under the government of Jair Bolsonaro, the environmental group Amazon Watch reported Wednesday.

The delegation will be formed by Sonia Guajajara, Alberto Terena, Angela Kaxuyana, Celia Xakriabá, Dinaman Tuxá, Elizeu Guarani Kaiowá and Kretã Kaingang, some of the most recognized and active leaders of indigenous peoples living in Brazilian territory.

The first leg of the trip will be at the Vatican, where they will attend next day 17 to one of the days of the Synod on the Amazon that Pope Francis has convened.

Then they will continue in Italy (Turin and Bologna), Germany (Berlin and Munich), Sweden (Stockholm), Norway (Oslo), Holland (Amsterdam), Belgium (Brussels), Switzerland (Geneva and Bern), France (Paris), Portugal (Lisbon), United Kingdom (London) and will conclude the trip in Spain, where they will visit Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia.

According to Amazon Watch, in these cities they will be received by various government and political authorities, members of the European Parliament, as well as businessmen, activist lawyers and artists committed to the defense of the environment.

The environmental group explained that, in all the meetings, the increase of "invasions" to indigenous lands will be denounced, which they mostly attribute to the action of "armed intruders" who intend to "extract resources (minerals) illegally".

According to the indigenous people, those responsible for these actions have been encouraged in some way by the government of the leader of the ultra-right, who has already announced his intention to open the door to the commercial exploitation of Amazonian wealth and even the lands inhabited by native peoples.

"It will be a campaign of dialogue, pressure, denunciation, dissemination and awareness for European society about the situation facing indigenous peoples in Brazil, a reality that threatens the lives of peoples, forests and the planet," he said. Amazon Watch in a statement.

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